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I didn't know if the choices (I was making) were wrong. So you're at that crossroad where you don't know what's happening, in terms of having control over your life. Fortunately, the medium I'm in, films — which I love the most — changes me a lot, from phase-to-phase. To be honest, Besharam opened to R21 crore on Day 1. And even Roy, for whatever it's worth, opened to R11 crore. I went to the Lee Strasberg Institute for nine months, to learn the 'method' (style/school of acting). But the Strasberg or Stanislavsky 'method' (acting) itself is not something I buy. But being alone is something I also enjoy very much. But I've also understood that this is how show-business and media operate. If I knew how to market myself, I definitely would.

And I think that phase is really important — the confusion, turmoil, or to be stuck between 'what if' and 'f*** it'. Whether it's the experience of (making) a film; or how inspired and excited I am (during the process). You'd also mentioned that you were tired of seeing yourself on screen. As an actor, you have to develop your own method — if you're intelligent, have had good exposure in life, and can surrender to a moment, or material. (Laughs) It's acting, and you have (an actual) sense of it, it always helps, and might seem truer. We worked really hard at it, doing four months of prosthetic (make-up) trials, lots of disappointments, thinking that it's not going to work out. It's a daunting task to play someone like Sanjay Dutt, who everybody knows anyway. You're acting like him, and the director calls cut, you look up, and suddenly there's Sanjay Dutt actually sitting behind the monitor! Every time I'd see him, I'd start observing him like a hawk — the way he scratches his beard, twitches his eye, drinks water, hugs… But that obsession is necessary for acting, or any form of art — that madness to get something right. There are varying degrees of what you expect (from a person). I don't mind travelling, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, alone. The media made me a star even before I deserved it. I've dated actresses, so there'll be some interest over where you had dinner, or went on a holiday. I don't know how to be exciting; apart from the parts I play. I have a brilliant idea, which I've been sharing with my director friends, and others who're close.

Did this come from the fact that a lot of your films have followed very similar narratives: a lost boy, confused about everything, including love, finally comes of age. But I'm not really going to kill somebody to know what it feels like for a scene! Playing Dutt, I'd want to see how I can get into the soul of the character. You may still fall flat on your face, but it's necessary. Yes, Prasoon Pandey had directed that ad, and his reference was Kishore Kumar. So if he has an opinion on politics, sports, entertainment, ban on a certain food, he will give it. Unfortunately he's an actor, so that gets blown out of proportion, or gets taken too seriously. I think that's true (for kids) in most Indian families, where the father is away at work, and is a strict person. Back then, they used to do two shifts a day, six movies a year. According to psychology, a possible fallout with parents having marital issues, and the kid being too close to the mother, is that as an adult that child turns into a "love avoidant" — as against a "love junkie", which mostly happens when you've been neglected by parents while growing up. As you grow older, you understand more about life, and how much you have to give (back) in a relationship. Tinder is doing good to people — it's getting them together. Films give me an outlet to express myself, and become interesting. I just don't have the strong discipline, and gift, to write.

But I was really upset that the Kishore biopic didn't happen at the time. If there's a political question at a press conference, I'll have a hypocritical answer, or I'll clam up, or wriggle out of it. We could only see him during holidays — in Ooty, Kashmir or Switzerland. What I was like while dating a girl in school, and what I am now, and what I will be to my girlfriend later or my wife, will be very different. But there is a different sense of evolvement so far as love in my life is concerned. I'm so obsessed with my films, my life at the movies, and working through the year, that I don't really get to meet people, unless I travel, or it's a chance encounter. Film people are amazing, but I'd like to, you know, go on a date… I think it'll be hard for that person though, because of the kind of lives we live. But if you meet somebody who's sorted, and if you're yourself sorted… I like to become non-interesting after, so I can save the interesting parts for my movies. It's still definitely on my to-do list — a big ambition. I don't mean fantasy in the sense that it'd take the audience away to another time or place that they can't connect with.

That way, he reminds you more of Aamir Khan until, thankfully, Kiran Rao happened to him. I can't walk out of a marriage with tears in my eyes. Now whether those movies were good/bad is subjective. Bombay Velvet was a film I loved on paper; it was a film that I would stand by. And it was the same instinct that made me sign on Besharam and Anjaana Anjaani. I am going to have lots of failures in my life; hopefully I'll have some successes too. As for the star-actor issue, or trying to become a star while remaining an actor, I think you just have to become capable at your job. If you're honest, a good person, and your intentions are correct, you will become a star. As long as people don't judge me for what's written about.

And, as Ranbir admits it himself, he's certainly nothing like Rishi Kapoor, his wildly exuberant father! I didn't know how to understand and deal with failures. Also, somewhere I was working with the same filmmakers — Imtiaz (Rockstar, Tamasha), Ayan (Wake Up Sid, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani), Karan (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) — because they had stories to tell, that I wanted to be a part of. I can't pursue an ambition, be selfish, and have a girl make me realise what my true dreams are, so I can come back to her! All that the film industry cares about is if you're the star, then your poster must guarantee bums on seats in the first weekend. You can't really concentrate on 'ki mein star kaise banoonga', and begin to design things around it; I don't think that works out well for anybody. Having come back home after an under-grad course in direction (from the US), I was around 20, a star-kid, getting attention from a lot of directors willing to work with me. My father asked me if I might want to go back to the US and do something for a year. In a practical form, yes (it helps) that you're working with other actors, doing scenes, and so you're putting it (the craft) into a method. I never had a PR person because I really don't know how to play the game.

A 24x7 actor, and in the case of Jagga Jasoos, a producer, Ranbir is very much out there — taking calls, doing interviews, on-camera, off-camera, through the evening, at Bandra's Mehboob studio, where we meet. In my career, what's always paid off have been the risks. I'm not here to prove to people that I'm a great actor, and that I only get great reviews, and awards. Speaking of distinction between star and actor, you have attempted to bridge the two.Unlike their western counterparts, the Indian paparazzi have a rather dull life.The ferocity with which most Bollywood stars declare they are single and 'happy' you'd imagine the everyone in our filmi flock are distant cousins of Sheldon Cooper.It was the same party where Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan had their infamous brawl.It was only in 2009, when the two met officially as they teamed up for their film, their chemistry became the talk of the town.

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Recommended Read: 6 Most Romantic And Inspiring Bollywood Couples Interestingly, Ranbir and Katrina were introduced to each other by Deepika Padukone in 2008, whom he was dating at that time.

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