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There are several hydrogen production technologies. They range from the most widely used fossil fuel based systems such as natural gas steam methane reforming to the least used renewable energy based systems such as wind electrolysis.

Currently almost all the industrial hydrogen need worldwide is produced using fossil fuels.

Yet our beliefs and assumptions on this subject matter shape decisions in both our personal lives and public policy – decisions that have very real and sometimes unfortunate consequences.

2 (2009): 41-78] [pdf] The future of humanity is often viewed as a topic for idle speculation.

, Michael Hicks, head of history at the University of Winchester, and Martin Biddle, archaeologist and director of the Winchester Research Unit, raised concerns about the DNA testing, radiocarbon dating and damage to the skeleton.

We can’t wait for 30 years to see if a model is any good or not; models are tested against the past, against what we know happened.A discussion about the future of humanity is about how the important fundamental features of the human condition may change or remain constant in the long run.What features of the human condition are fundamental and important? Nonetheless, some features qualify by almost any standard.It is therefore practically important to try to develop a realistic mode of futuristic thought about big picture questions for humanity.This paper sketches an overview of some recent attempts in this direction, and it offers a brief discussion of four families of scenarios for humanity’s future: extinction, recurrent collapse, plateau, and posthumanity.

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For example, whether and when Earth-originating life will go extinct, whether it will colonize the galaxy, whether human biology will be fundamentally transformed to make us posthuman, whether machine intelligence will surpass biological intelligence, whether population size will explode, and whether quality of life will radically improve or deteriorate: these are all important fundamental questions about the future of humanity.

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