Cross cutting relationships relative dating

Cross cutting relationships relative dating

Highland County igneous rock intrudes sedimentary rock (Photograph by Stan Johnson) This light-colored Highland County igneous intrusion cuts through the darker sedimentary rock.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Relative age dating also means paying attention to crosscutting relationships.

Relative age-dating methods determine when an event happened compared to another event. Geologic time scale Relative age-dating involves comparing a rock layer or rock structure with other near-by layers or structures. Roadcut in Wise County showing the principle of superposition (Photograph by Stan Johnson) Flat-lying sedimentary layers from the Appalachian Plateaus province of southwestern Virginia illustrate the principle of superposition. This aspect of Werner's model was useful for explaining the origin of tilted sedimentary rocks.(dark brown) Flat lying sedimentary rocks were eventually precipitated.“When someone is unrelentingly critical of you, always finds fault, can never be pleased, and blames you for everything that goes wrong, it is the insidious nature and cumulative effects of the abuse that do the damage.Over time, this type of abuse eats away at your self-confidence and sense of self-worth, undermining any good feelings you have about yourself and about your accomplishments.” The Emotionally Abusive Relationship by Beverly Engle Although this quote is aimed at the victim for the purpose of exposing how the self-esteem gets torn down, the first time I read this quote I thought of my mother and how much she said that I hurt her; she always said that I was the problem and that I did this to her ~ that I tore HER down; And overtime I believed that my words, actions and behavior (although I could not figure out what I was doing that was so offending) had eaten away at her self-confidence and harmed her sense of self-worth and undermined any good feelings that she ever had about herself and her accomplishments. I believed that I was the critical one and that I was the one doing all the damage.

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With this in mind geologist have long known that the deeper a sedimentary rock layer is the older it is, but how old?

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