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My strong connection to feminist ideas are at the very core of who I am and yet I found myself minimizing the importance of feminism to me in order to appease the men I was dating.I did not want to scare them away by demonstrating my unwavering dedication to women’s rights and justice — so instead, for a time, I dismissed their meaning in my life.They say good men are hard to find and that sailing through the dating waters can be rough.I’ve found that, for an outspoken, pro-choice feminist woman in her early twenties, the pool of eligible bachelors is even shallower.Need I remind you that writing is a fundamental part of my life, both spiritually and economically.(To this day, I am still embarrassed that I let this happen to me)Why is it feminist to date a guy who likes you for more than what you look like, you ask?Bumble, often described as the feminist dating app, was created by Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder, after she left the company. Siren is a completely different kind of social discovery app. Our question-and-answer model creates a context for conversation, and personalities reveal themselves naturally, just like in real life." VINA's mission? As described by Business Insider: "both men and women swipe, but only women can start the conversation, and they only have 24 hours from the time they match to start chatting before the connection disappears forever." Their website explains that, "everyone complains about dating apps. We hate feeling objectified, but we crave meaningful connections.

Even before my official declaration, dating was difficult — to say the least.

" Here, allyship is exactly as you have learned it to be: minimal effort and being one of the cool liberal kids who is "down with whatever" but can't respect someone's identity when they're not present, as if it is their job.

Sit back and relax as you occupy spaces you do not belong in.

According to The Harvard Crimson columnist Nian Hu's article, "Scared to Be a Feminist", bad allyship and fear dedicated to a cause hurts the people you initially set out to protect.

"Watered-down feminism that does not address structural power dynamics and intersectionality fails to have any real revolutionary potential," Hu said.

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So we have to show guys that they, too, can embrace that feminineside — a side that, once again, literally every human being has. I know this sounds simple, but many women get tricked by asshole guys who are only in it for the sex. If you're dating a guy and you find that he doesn't like fundamental parts about who you are, it's time re-evaluate your situation.

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