Online dating woes

Online dating woes

Let us know if these online dating scenarios seem familiar...

Expectation: The second you sign up, your inbox will be flooded with so many messages, you'll be tempted to hire an assistant to get through them.

Thinking back, I find it almost endearing that my emblazoned diary was a tome of all my unrequited love yearnings, wanting nothing more than to find acceptance thorough love.

Problem is, as much as I like to think of that as a thing of the past, reality tells me that things haven’t changed.

Well, the fantasy you have in your head about what the experience might be like is often way off from the reality you end up with.

It takes more effort on your part, but it does on theirs too.

I recently came across a blog post comparing online dating to “a treadmill you can’t get off.”The main ideas of the post are valid regarding the majority of online dating sites and apps, but Encounter has found a happy medium between real dating and technology. ) then more power to you, but if you’re looking for a real connection, the ongoing “match & message” process is not going to cut it.

I mean, if all you’re looking for is the thrill of the match (is that a thing?

When you have a seemingly unlimited supply of profiles to browse, it seems like something better could always be waiting around the corner – so why stop when you’re ahead?

The problem with always waiting for the next great thing, is that you’ll never be satisfied.

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