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Now, with 12 albums, 19 top-ten singles and a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame under her belt, the Calgary native is still determined to make her mark with a fresh take on classic Christmas songs.

It’s not every day an artist and producer of this calibre join forces, let alone on something like a holiday album.

My Filipino ex-boyfriend was educated and articulate (except when it came to actually being in a relationship – but that’s another story); his status as a man was relatively high, but as a man of color he ranked lower.

I’m not sure if that’s allowed, since I have loads of time off already – my only job is to rest and get ready for the next doctor appointment.

All of these groups are bringing their wonderful musicianship and dancing and food and willingness to endure countless hardships as strangers in a strange land because they know that turning back is not an option. Men are believed faster/more often than women when it comes to pain. I’m pretty sure my place is on the next tier down from that. But wait: knock me down a few more rungs, because I’m a white woman who is also physically disabled.

Since I’m a woman and I’m physically disabled, I have absolutely no value whatsoever, a “non-person,” specifically.

There was a palpable difference between Minneapolis and Albuquerque; in Minneapolis in 1995, my neighbors were white, black and Hmong (thanks to new policies welcoming large numbers of Hmong refugees from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam seeking a better and safer life), and in Albuquerque, the population was largely white, Hispanic and Native American. The way that people interacted is something I can’t easily describe, except that I learned the “manana” (“tomorrow”) concept from my co-workers the hard way, and was told by employers that I would always be valued because I was a Midwesterner and therefore more “uptight and on time.” The population in Phoenix now closely resembles Albuquerque from 1995 – again, the residents are largely white, Hispanic and Native American.

Because the southwest didn’t shift in any obvious way, I didn’t expect the Midwest to either. The caste system does not only live in India, my friends; it’s alive and well, even here in Minneapolis/St.

I usually fantasize about sleeping in my own bed, wearing old, over-sized sweatpants, and doing absolutely nothing except taking endless selfies with my cats. That said, there are exceptions, and the Calgary Stampede is one of them.

Platinum recording artist and acclaimed Canadian singer-songwriter Jann Arden releases her first Christmas Album, A Jann Arden Christmas, with the help of legendary producer (and Grammy-Award winner) Bob Rock under Universal Music Canada.

Arden — a Juno-winning artist selling over 1.5 million records — is still in the midst of a remarkable career spanning over 22 years, dating back to her 1993 debut album, Time for Mercy which catapulted her into the Canadian music scene.

There's nothing like an Alberta summer, and there's an unmistakable energy when the city comes together to celebrate the greatest outdoor show on Earth. " I have so many amazing childhood memories from the Calgary Stampede.

I loved devouring the Tom Thumb mini donuts, cruising the rides, enjoying all of the beautiful animals from the bulls to the billy goats and staying up until midnight to watch the fireworks. Just walking out of the airport, you feel the rush and energy of the people of Calgary getting ready to show the city off to visitors arriving from all over the world to enjoy the Stampede.

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I got into my rental car and drove straight to Edworthy Park, where I knew if I didn't go running along the Bow River, I'd regret it all night. The sun, the sky and the air were just right, and I hit the ground running like a flying wombat to my favourite Jann Arden song: 'Insensitive.' Speaking of Jann Arden, I had a chance to catch up with the Canadian music icon (and someone I call a friend) while I was in town. Jann was this years host of the grandstand show at the Stampede and is such a great representative of the city and of strong Canadian women. After losing my uncle Smith Hart to prostate cancer a few weeks back, I also made time for what I most look forward to in Calgary: connecting with my family.

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